Remote Companies give you the opportunity to choose where you want to work from. Do you want to work in a coworking space on a tropical island, in a mountain cabin looking at powder snow, living the van life or be at home spending quality time with your family? You only need three things: Internet, a laptop and power for your device.
The companies listed below vary in many different ways. Some are only tiny startups whereas others are already big companies with 1000+ employees. Therefore not all remote companies listed here work 100 % remotely. Check out the comanies in the list to find your perfect remote job.

10Up: 10Up is a Wed Design & Development Consulting focusing on Content Management around open platforms like WordPress. (Employees: 115 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Internet)

Acceleration Partners: Acceleration Partners is a combination of a marketing agency and a consulting firm. (Employees: 60 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

AgileBits: AgileBits is the creator of 1Password, a password manager for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. (Employees: 39 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Computer Software)

Aha! Labs: Aha! is a cloud based roadmapping software for Product Managers. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2013 | Industry: Computer Software)

Airbnb: Airbnb is a marketplace where people can offer, discover and book unique accomodations. (Employees: 4000 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

apendTo: appendTo offers modern web development solutions and development training. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Computer Software)

Art & Logic: Art & Logic is a software development agency that has been creating cross platform projects since 1991. (Employees: 50 | Founded: 1991 | Industry: Computer Software)

Articulate: Articulate offers powerfull software to easily create e-learning courses. (Employees: 150 | Founded: 2002 | Industry: Computer Software)

Attentiv: Attentive is a business communication tool to improve collaboration and decision-making. (Employees: 10 | Founded: – | Industry: Internet)

Automattic: Automatic is the company behind and offer WordPress Tools and Services. (Employees: 400 | Founded: 2005 | Industry: Internet)

Axelerant: Acelerant is an agency based on open source experts and a global leader in Drupal development. (Employees: 60 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

Balsamiq: Balsamiq is a tool to create mockups for you website or app. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Computer Software)

Baremetrics: Baremetrics is a tool to get hundreds of insights & metrics from your Stripe account. (Employees: 6 | Founded: 2013 | Industry: Internet)

Basecamp: Basecamp is a collaboration software tham empowers team to work together more efficiantly. (Employees: 50 | Founded: 1999 | Industry: )

Basho Technologies: Basho offers solutions for distributed systems to operate large amounts of unstructured data based on NoSQL. (Employees: 123 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

Batchbook: Batchbook is a Small business CRM System to gather all customer information in one place. (Employees: 15 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Internet)

Beutler Ink: Beutler Ink is a content development agency specializing in Social Media, Content Creation and Wikipedia engagement. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

Big Universe Learning: Big Universe delivers eBooks for K-12 schools with various integrated tools to improve education. (Employees: 10 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: E-Learning)

Buffer: Buffer is a social media management tool that makes sharing your content across different channels easier. (Employees: 75 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Internet)

Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is a media company focusing on viral content for social media distribution. (Employees: 1500 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Internet)

Canonical: Canonical was created alongside Ubuntu to support the system and promote open source software. (Employees: 700 | Founded: 2004 | Industry: Computer Software)

Chargify: Chargify helps you to manage your subscriptions and recurring billing customers. (Employees: 25 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Chef: Chef offersIT tools that optimizes workflows and automates infrastructure and continuous application delivery. (Employees: 280 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Clevertech: Clevertech is an agency filled with designers and developers that offer complete product launches. (Employees: 107 | Founded: 2000 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Cloudpeeps: CloudPeeps is a freelance marketplace to match companies with top marketing, content and community talent. (Employees: 6 | Founded: – | Industry: )

Codebusters, Inc.: Codebusters offers on-demand coding teams focusing on medical coding. (Employees: 50 | Founded: 1998 | Industry: Hospital & Health Care)

Collage: Collage offers over 50 customizable products including photo gifts, wall art and home decor. (Employees: 40 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

Crossover for Work: Crossover connects companies with the 1% most skilled talent around the world. (Employees: 28 | Founded: – | Industry: Human Resources)

DataStax: DataStax delivers Apache Casandra as part of a database platform purpose buit for IOT, Web and Mobile Apps. (Employees: 500 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Computer Software)

Doist: Doist creates productivity software to simplify and organize the day. (Employees: 45 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Computer Software)

DuckDuckGo: DuckDuckGo is an alternative search enginge that does not track any user data. (Employees: 30 | Founded: – | Industry: Internet)

DVMelite: DVMelite helps Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals and Vet Clinics to grow their business. (Employees: 20 | Founded: – | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

Etsy: Etsy is a marketplaye where you can buy and sell unique, mostly handcrafted, items. (Employees: 2000 | Founded: 2005 | Industry: Internet)

Evolving Wisdom: Evolving Wisdom is a global e-learning community focusing on transformative education. (Employees: 26 | Founded: – | Industry: E-Learning)

Fire Engine RED: Fire ENgine Red offers innovative technology, marketing, and data solutions for the education market. (Employees: 60 | Founded: 2001 | Industry: Higher Education)

Five Q Communications: Five Q is a digital agency working together with ministries and nonprofit organisations. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2004 | Industry: Internet)

FlexJobs: Flexjobs is an online job platform providing flexible remote jobs. (Employees: 60 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Human Resources)

Formstack: Formstack is an online form building software to capture your leads without coding. (Employees: 60 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Internet)

Four Kitchens: Four Kitchens is a design and development consultancy that specializes in big websites using open source software. (Employees: 27 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Genuitec: Genuitech offers tools to support and improve the development process. (Employees: 30 | Founded: 1997 | Industry: Computer Software)

Ghost Foundation: The Ghost Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has created a a simple and powerful publishing platform. (Employees: 5 | Founded: 2013 | Industry: Computer Software)

Github: Github is a collaboration, review, and code management tool for open source and private projects. (Employees: 461 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Computer Software)

Gitlab: Gitlab offers a tool to code, test and deploy together. (Employees: 35 | Founded: 2014 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Go Fish Digital: Go Fish Digital is a marketing agency focusing on Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management (Employees: 15 | Founded: 2005 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

GoHiring: GoHiring offers a talent marketing API that is a Recruitment-Marketing-Suite and integrates into E-Recruiting Systems. (Employees: 7 | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Internet)

Grant Street Group: Grant Street Group provides softwarte for tax collection, epayments and auctions. (Employees: 130 | Founded: 1997 | Industry: Computer Software)

Greenback Expat Tax Services: Greenback is a service that can do the US Expat Tax Return for you without a hassle. (Employees: 40 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Accounting)

GrooveHQ: Groove is a simple help desk software to help your customers with great and personal support. (Employees: 8 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Computer Software)

Helpscout: Helpscout is a tool that organizes your customer support to offer your users a great experience. (Employees: 40 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Internet)

Heroku: Heroku is a cloud application platform for a new way of building and deploying web apps. (Employees: 200 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Computer Software)

Hippo Education: Hippo education create innovative and entertaining material to radically change medical education. (Employees: 27 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Hospital & Health Care)

Hope Street Group: Hope Street Group is a organization focused on creating equal acess to tools that lead to economic opportunity. (Employees: 54 | Founded: 2003 | Industry: Public Policy)

Hubstaff: Hubstaff is a time tracking software that makes remote team management more efficient and effective. (Employees: 15 | Founded: 2013 | Industry: Internet)

Human Made: Human Made is a WordPress consultancy and development firm. (Employees: 26 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Internet)

ICUC: ICUC is a social media management services company delivering community management and content moderation. (Employees: 600 | Founded: 2002 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

iDoneThis: iDoneThis is an easy tool that aggregates all of your team’s daily results in one place. (Employees: 5 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Internet)

Incsub: Incsub is the company behind the large WordPress projects WPMU DEV and Edublogs. (Employees: 42 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Internet)

Intridea: Intridea is global full-service web design and development agency. (Employees: 15 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Internet)

Invision: Invision offers a design prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform. (Employees: 160 | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Internet)

Jackson River: Jacksonriver build software and helps non-profits to align people, process, and technology (Employees: 22 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Nonprofit Organization Management)

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organisation offering free online learning classes. (Employees: 280 | Founded: – | Industry: E-Learning)

KissMetrics: Kissmetrics is a SaaS tool for online analytics to optimize your marketinge efforts. (Employees: 52 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

Living Social: LivingSocial is a local marketplace to buy and share activities in various locations. (Employees: 1500 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

LoveToKnow Corp.: LoveToKnow is an online media company that operates and owns various websites. (Employees: 34 | Founded: 2005 | Industry: Internet)

Lullabot: Lullabot is an agency that creates digital experiences including strategy, design and development. (Employees: 58 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Maptia: Maptia is a place to share and discover stories told by inspiring photographers, writers, and adventurers. (Employees: 4 | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Publishing)

MCFTech : MCFTech creates business applications and delivers Services, Strategy, and Products to customers worldwide. (Employees: 50 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Computer Software)

Meteor: Meteor gives you a simpler way to create web and realtime mobile apps, entirely in JavaScript from one code base. (Employees: 32 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Internet)

Mihiro: Mihiro offers a new way to apply for a job by telling companies your 3 top achievements. (Employees: 8+ | Founded: 2015 | Industry: Human Resources)

Mobile Jazz: Mombile Jazz is an agency specialized in building mobile software starting from mobile apps up to cpmplex systems. (Employees: 20+ | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

MomsRising: MomsRising is an organization that is working to achieve economic security for all moms, women, and families. (Employees: 32 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Political Organization)

Mozilla: Mozilla is a not-for-profit corporation supporting open source projects. (Employees: 2000 | Founded: 2005 | Industry: Computer Software)

MySQL: MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. (Employees: 200 | Founded: – | Industry: Computer Software)

NodeSource: Nodegrad offers enterprise-grade products and services that help you to be productive and effective with Node. (Employees: 25 | Founded: 2014 | Industry: Computer Software)

Olark: Olark offers a tool to chat with your customers on your homepage while showing additional user statistics. (Employees: 32 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

OnTheGoSystems: OnTheGoSystems offers WordPress plugins and services including the popular WPML Multilingual Plugin. (Employees: 78 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Origin Eight: Origineight is a technical digital agency specializing in full service custom solutions based on WordPress and Drupal. (Employees: 18 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Computer Software)

ParcelBright: ParcelBright offers UK & international paackage delivery rates with an online booking system for businesses. (Employees: 10 | Founded: 2013 | Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain) gives digital publishers detailed audience insights to find out how readers interact with their content. (Employees: 47 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Internet)

PeopleG2: PeopleG2 is a Human Capital Risk Management firm offering services like background checks and client screenings. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2001 | Industry: Security and Investigations)

Percona: Percona delivers enterprise-class solutions for MongoDB and MySQL across cloud-based and traditional platforms. (Employees: 141 | Founded: 2006 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Plex: Plex offers a manufacturing cloud that connects suppliers, machines and people to work more efficiently. (Employees: 500 | Founded: 1995 | Industry: Computer Software)

ProofHQ: ProofHQ is a web proofing system that streamlines the process of managing document reviews, proofing and approvals. (Employees: 100 | Founded: – | Industry: Computer Software)

Remote Year: Travel and work remotely for a year (Employees: 34 | Founded: 2015 | Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism)

Sailpoint: SailPoint is a worldwide leader for enterprise-class Identity and Access Management. (Employees: 502 | Founded: 2005 | Industry: Computer Software)

Scraping Hub: Scrapinghub is a cloud-based web crawling platform to easily deploy crawlers and scale them on demand. (Employees: 110 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Simple [A]: Simple [A] is a distributed technology consulting and training company. (Employees: 20 | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

SitePen: SitePen is an agency that provides professional web development, consulting and training services. (Employees: 30 | Founded: 2000 | Industry: Internet) Sleepout is an accomodation marketplace that offers unique places to stay across Africa. (Employees: 10 | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Hospitality)

SmartBug Media: SmartBug Media is a fast-growing web development firm and inbound marketing agency. (Employees: 32 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

Sococo: Sococo is avirtual office that recreates the personal functionality and proximity of physical offices. (Employees: 60 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Computer Software)

Software Mill: Software Mill is an agency that creates custom software solutions. (Employees: 32 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Computer Software)

Speak: is a tool for instant team communication including audio, video and screen sharing. (Employees: 4 | Founded: 2015 | Industry: Computer Software)

Sqwiggle: Squiggle offers software for virtual teams to build a fun and social culture within remote teams. (Employees: 6 | Founded: – | Industry: Internet)

Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is a network of 130+ Q&A communities including leading developer Q&A platform Stack Overflow. (Employees: 271 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

Sticker Mule: Sticker Mule offers to print custom stickers online. (Employees: 17 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Marketing and Advertising)

Stripe: Stripe enables businesses to manage web and app payments (Employees: 350 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Computer Software)

Summit CPA Group: Summit CPA offers virtual CFO services and 401k Audits around the US. (Employees: 27 | Founded: 2001 | Industry: Accounting)

Taksa Technology Solutions: Taksa offers an IT Application Outsourcing Service. (Employees: 40 | Founded: 2013 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

TeamGantt: TeamGantt is a project management tool based on the gantt chart software. (Employees: 5 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Computer Software)

TeamSnap: TeamSnap is a sports team management solution for coaches, managers and organizers of teams and groups. (Employees: 70 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Consumer Services)

Tessitura Network: Tessitura Network specializes in technology services for the culture and arts industry. (Employees: 138 | Founded: 2002 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

The CB! Hotel Collection: The CB! Hotel Collection is a curated list of the best resorts and hotels for families around the world. (Employees: 20 | Founded: – | Industry: )

The Cheat Sheet: The Cheat Sheet is a online publishing platform targeting men with quick and informative information. (Employees: 75 | Founded: 2009 | Industry: Online Media)

The Geller Law Group: The Geller Law Group is a law firm specializes in small businesses, estate planning and family law. (Employees: 14 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Law Practice)

The Wirecutter: The Wirecutter is the source for finding the best gadgets and gear on a quick and easy way. (Employees: 44 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Publishing)

TNTP: TNTP is a US based nonprofit that wants to end educational inequality in elementary and secondary schools. (Employees: 539 | Founded: 1997 | Industry: Education Management)

Toggl: Toggle is the ultimate and easy to use timetracker to never lose a minute of your billable time. (Employees: 37 | Founded: 2007 | Industry: Computer Software)

Toptal: Toptal is a marketplace for the top 3% of freelance developers, engineers, programmers, coders, and consultants. (Employees: 400 | Founded: 2010 | Industry: Internet)

Treehouse: Treehouse is an e-learning platform for web design, coding, business & more. (Employees: 130 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: E-Learning)

Trello: Trello is a project management tool to organize things in a more flexible and visual way. (Employees: 55 | Founded: – | Industry: Computer Software)

Triposo: Triposo offers a smart travel guide with inspiring suggestions for Andrioid and iOS. (Employees: 12 | Founded: – | Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism)

Tropical Travelers: The Tropical Travelers is a travel concierge service specializing in luxury vacations to tropical destinations. (Employees: 10 | Founded: – | Industry: Hospitality)

Twilio: Twilio enables messaging, VoIP and phones to be embedded into mobile, web and desktop software. (Employees: 531 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

UltraViolet: UltraViolet is a growing community of people that fight sexism and want to expand women’s rights. (Employees: – | Founded: – | Industry: )

Universal Mind: Universal Mind is an independent digital agency creating digital experiences to make people’s live simpler. (Employees: 175 | Founded: 2003 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Upworthy: Upworthy is an online publisher for content that matters targeting social media communities. (Employees: 105 | Founded: 2012 | Industry: Publishing)

Ushahidi: Ushahidi is a non-profit tech-company that helps to gather, manage, analyze, and visualize crowdsourced data. (Employees: 39 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

VLP Law Group LLP: VLP Law Group LLP is a distributed law firm providing legal advice in a wide range of practice areas. (Employees: 63 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Law Practice)

WooThemes: Woothemes is an Automattic comany and offers WordPress themes & plugins including popular WooCommerce. (Employees: 52 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Internet)

Workfrom: Workfrom offers an overview of places where you can work from around the world including a community. (Employees: 5 | Founded: 2014 | Industry: Internet)

World Wide Web Hosting: WWWH provides tools to make building online easier by offering web hosting and website solutions. It’s the Comapny behind Site5 and (Employees: 122 | Founded: 2008 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)

Worldwide101: Worldwide101 offers premium virtual assistants for demanding founders and executives. (Employees: 63+ | Founded: – | Industry: Staffing and Recruiting)

X-Team: X-Team is a community of freelance developers that can be hired for different projects. (Employees: 73 | Founded: 2004 | Industry: Internet)

YNAB: YNAB is a tool that helps you saving money by giving “every dollar a job”. (Employees: 32 | Founded: 2004 | Industry: Financial Services)

Zapier: Zapier connects the apps you use, automates tasks to get more out of your data by using triggers and actions. (Employees: 33 | Founded: 2011 | Industry: Information Technology and Services)